Spring Valley Vineyard

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A Merlot blend named after Uriah Corkrum. Uriah was the grandfather of Shari Corkrum Derby. Born in Walla Walla on June 1, 1866, he began farming on his own during the 1880’s.

Wine Spectator
October 15th, 2016
Wine Enthusiast
December 1st, 2016

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This wine has black cherry and pepper notes with hints of violet.

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This New World-styled and highly structured, fruit-driven Cabernet Sauvignon blend’s name stems from Frederick Corkrum, son to Uriah and father to Shari.

Vinous Media
November 29th, 2016
Wine Spectator
October 31st, 2016

{ Learn More }DERBY

This 2013 Derby has plenty of complex fruit and herbal notes. The mid palate is slightly soft and spicy, with a long and soft finish.

Vinous Media
November 29th, 2016

{ Learn More }MULE SKINNER

Ripe but still retaining a nice acidity and terroir. Some herbal characteristics with bright fruit and most importantly, the balance is reached thanks to an early pick.


The 2014 Katherine has floral and almond notes with a rich texture and minerality.

{ Learn More }SHARILEE

The 2014 Sharilee Petite Verdot is incredibly rich with flavors of ripe blackberry jam.