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Born in Walla Walla on June 1, 1866, Uriah Corkrum began successfully farming on his own during the 1880s. Unusual summer rain kept him from getting his harvested wheat to the warehouse so he lost everything in the depression of 1893. He persevered and, in 1897, acquired land in the area known as Spring Valley.

Nina Lee

This 100% Syrah is named for the wife of Frederick Corkrum. After meeting following her vaudeville performance at a local theater, they married in 1929.


This Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend is named for Frederick Corkrum, son to Uriah and father to Shari, who grew up in Spring Valley.


A 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine represents the marriage of Shari Corkrum and Dean Derby in 1954 and brings the Derby heritage to the list of Spring Valley wines.

Mule Skinner

This 100% Merlot is named for Frederick Corkrum’s job as the ranch’s head Muleskinner, the person who cared for and drove the mules in all aspects of the farming operation before the advent of the Caterpillar® tractor.

Katherine Corkrum

This Cabernet Franc is named in honor of Uriah Corkrum’s wife Katherine, a native of Wales who immigrated to Walla Walla Territory in 1897. She and Uriah had four sons, including Frederick Corkrum.


This Petit Verdot is named for Sharilee (pronounced Sher’ a lee) Corkrum Derby, granddaughter of Spring Valley founder Uriah Corkrum.